четверг, 02. августа 2018, Россия, CS Saint-Petersburg White Nights '18_not so White Edition :)

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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen 😊

It`s still cold in Saint-Petersburg ;) but quite sunny 😊 so time to think about the summer and White Nights , this year CS White Nights will be not so white but still and, probably, even more 😀 full of fun 😊
The dates are set: 2nd - 5th of August 2018
So you are more than welcome to join us and invite all your friends 😀


We have our "Home" for this wonderful weekend 🏩

The HOSTEL Baby Lemonade (the one we stayed at BlackDays 2017 and 2018) is waiting for you 🤗🎉

SPb, Inzhenernaya Street, 7

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===We have a SPECIAL OFFER (from 30th of July till 7th of Aug):
--850 rub/night in a 6 dorm (all couchsurfers will stay together)

--900 rub/night in a 4 mixed dorm (all couchsurfers will stay together)

--1100 rub/night in a 4 FEMALE dorm with private bathroom

--3000 rub/night for a Double Shared room (SHARED bathroom),
every room is special and has a name so you can even choose which one you prefer ;)



On the Wing -SOLD OUT

--3900 rub/night for a Double Ensuite room (PRIVATE bathroom),
Astronomy -SOLD OUT
Twiggy -SOLD OUT

===The hostel also provides VISA SUPPORT (1600rub):

===REGISTRATION FEE: 150rub (you pay once at arrival)

1) get the PASSWORD from the organizers 😉

2) WRITE directly to the hostel babylemonadehostel@gmail.com
--provide this information:
• Full name
• Date of arrival
• Date of departure
• Contact e-mail and mobile number
• Kind of room you want to get (if you choose a double room -you are welcome to specify which one you prefer)
• Whether you need or not Visa support

3) you will get the confirmation letter from the hostel, with all details

4) you will need to pay in advance for one night of staying (directly to the hostel)

5) all questions you discuss with the hostel directly. But, of course, feel free to ask us for the help :)

===The hostel has booked the dorms and the rooms for us TILL 30th of June 2018 (the booking is for 30th of July- 7th of Aug but if you need a bigger period -just talk about it with the hostel)


The PROGRAM and the site are on their way but
the main event of White Nights'18 --the BOAT PARTY--will take place on Saturday night (4th/5th of August) so plan your stay accordingly 😀


CS event:

Official site:
on its way

With Love 😘
The Organizers Team 😊


HOW TO REACH Saint-Petersburg from Europe:

of course, direct flights :)
and now we have Russian low-cost air-company Pobeda with direct flights from some European cities ;)

also we have good and fast connection with:

--TALLINN (Estonia)--
by bus (6-7 hours):

by train (6-7 hours):

--HELSINKI (Finland)--
by bus (6-7 hours):

by train Allegro (3.5 hours):

--LAPPENRANTA (Finland)--
by bus (3-4 hours):

and some other companies


If you need a Russian VISA - it might help:

And you don`t need the visa if you come by ferry from Tallinn/Helsinki/Stockholm for 72 hours (in reality it`s about 60 hours because the ferry arrives in the morning and leaves in the evening)

CS Saint-Petersburg White Nights '18_not so White Edition :), Россия мероприятие

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