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Sankt Petersburg

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Become the Chief Visionary Officer of YOUR LIFE
In order to bring the opportunity of change to YOU, Matt has created live events and is constantly touring across the globe, helping people from all walks of life - regardless of age, race, ethnicity, educational background or professional experience.
Matt's live events are all about Motivation, Mindset, Income.
Please do not expect a dry, dreadful and draining teacher-student type of lecture. Once YOU have spent a few minutes with Matt, YOU will quickly gain insight on his infectious and compelling humour, turning every event into a fun-filled happening with plenty of action, both on and off stage. It's advised to bring some tissues along, to dry your tears of joy and laughter, a little bit of sweat and one or two tears when YOU have those so-called "moments"...
Being part of Matt's fabulous live events is the right thing for YOU, if YOU

feel stuck
want to find your purpose in life
want to build or rebuild your relationships with others
desire to achieve fulfillment
dream of building a business
wish to expand your success
look for clarity
want to learn and put your learnings into action
are in search of transformation

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Let Matt and his team show YOU how to Become the Chief Visionary Officer of YOUR LIFE

All ticket sales are final and non-refundable, tickets can be rebooked to alternate ticket category and/or alternate event date and location. Due to legal requirements, ticket prices are displayed in Euro and local currency.

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