Около Moscow, Russia

Moscow is the capital and the largest city of Russia with 12.2 million residents within the city limits and 16.8 million within the urban area. It is the capital of the Central Federal District and Moscow Oblast. Moscow is a major political, economic, cultural, and scientific center in Russia and Eastern Europe, as well as the largest city entirely on the European continent. By broader definitions Moscow is among world's largest cities, being the 13th largest metro area, the 17th largest agglomeration, the 16th largest urban area, and the 9th largest within limits city worldwide. According to Forbes 2013, Moscow has been ranked as the ninth most expensive city in the world by Mercer and is one of the world's largest urban economies, being ranked as an alpha global city according to the Globalization and World Cities Research Network and is also one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the world according to the MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index. Moscow is the northernmost and coldest megacity and metropolis on Earth. It is home to the Ostankino Tower, the tallest free standing structure in Europe; Mercury City Tower, the second tallest skyscraper in Europe and the Moscow International Business Center. By its territorial expansion on July 1, 2012 southwest into the Moscow Oblast, the capital increased its area 2.5 times; from about 1000km2 up to 2511km2, and gained an additional population of 233,000 people.

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СТРАШИЛКИ ужжжасссныеее!!!)))

СТРАШИЛКИ ужжжасссныеее!!!)))

пятница 31. декабря 2021
Marcha para que PUTIN se haga gay y vaya dar un beso con la conchita

Marcha para que PUTIN se haga gay y vaya dar un beso con la conchita

воскресенье 28. июня 2020
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среда 04. декабря 2069
"Блошиный рынок" на Тишинке
среда 26. сентября 2029
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